11 Useful Pokémon GO Tips to Level Up Faster

Leveling up your character at Pokemon GO gives you more ability and strength. Here are the most useful Pokemon Go tips to level up faster and become more powerful. I have played some of the old Pokemon and Niantic games. There was some huge discussions going on in Facebook, Quora, and even Reddit. The topic asks for the best Pokemon GO tips to level up faster. 🙂

If you still haven’t downloaded Pokemon GO, download it from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). It’s certainly true that most of us are totally new to the Pokemon Go as it just released 7 days back. But still, I have found some awesome techniques you can use while playing Pokemon GO to level up your character faster. 😉

Top 11 Pokémon Go Tips to Level Up Faster

If you are still confused what to do, then this is the ultimate guide for you. When I first started playing Pokemon GO, I had the exact same problem, I didn’t know what to do. Follow these quick tips and you’ll rank or level up faster than before. 😀

#1 Find Lures are and stay there.

Finding lures can be easy on the map. Look for areas where ‘purple’ flowers are falling around the Pokestop. Other players place these lures and the quick tip – you will find the most lures in high-traffic areas and parks. Stay around the lures and catch a streak of Pokemon. Look for areas supported by the most lures, that would be the most profitable.

You can earn these lures by leveling up or also purchase them by coins from the store. If you feel like having your own lure, ask a group of friends to go with you to share the benefit together. That’s the team work! 😉

#2 Play while you’re in a moving car in a big city.

Warning: Don’t play while you drive! 😛

This weird tip was given by a writer from Quora. He said that while he was riding on his friend’s car through the city of San Francisco in USA. He caught a streak of a wide variety of Pokemon! The benefit of using this trick is to find more varied Pokemon instead of just similar and weak ones.

To be honest, I have tried this technique and I did get a number of mediocre Pokemon. Not that bad, but did found some cool ones too. I definitely suggest to go for a long drive, but you don’t be the driver. Start playing Pokemon GO while travelling! 😉

#3 Aim properly while catching Pokemon.

This Pokemon GO tip to level up faster is the one of the best. If you hit a Pokemon near the center of the round circle, you receive bonus XP. You will probably get from 10 XP to 100 XP, depending on how close to the center you hit. This bonus XP will definitely help in leveling up faster. 😀

#4 Throw Curveballs if you can.

To throw a curveball, you have to shake the Pokeball a bit before you throw it. Throwing a curveball makes your aiming more difficult which eventually leads to a bad aim. There you can lose the aiming bonuses which goes up to 100 XP, while the curveball bonus is just 10 XP! So, I really don’t recommend this tip for everyone. But those who can, great! 😉

#5 Carry a Power Bank.

That’s the saddest part when you run out of battery while playing or while you’re trying to catch a very rare Pokemon. If you want to get rid of this problem, get one of those good quality portable power banks. You can keep your phone charged while playing. It’s time to say ‘no’ to ‘low battery’. 😀

“Play longer and find more Pokemons, and level up quicker.”

#6 Ride your bicycle while playing.

You can buy or create your own smartphone holder for your bicycle. With the help of these holders, you can mount your Android or iOS device to your bicycle. Now it’s always faster to ride than walking. Stop wherever you find any Pokemon and catch it up. It’s the faster way to reach Gyms and also other Pokemon. 😀

You might think how this of all Pokemon GO tips to level up faster gonna help you. Come on, the faster you go, the more Pokemon you can catch, the more XP you get, the more you level up.

#7 Don’t tap the Pokestop Items.

After you have spun a Pokestop, items will appear, but don’t tap on those items. Just exit the Pokestop and the items will automatically be transferred to your inventory. This is one excellent tip of all those Pokemon GO tips to level up faster, especially if you’re playing while travelling to save your time. So no need to tap on those Pokestop items anymore. 😉

#8 Use a Lucky Egg.

You will probably start getting lucky eggs after leveling up after you have reached level 9 or so. You can also purchase them for coins from the store. Each lucky egg has a time period of 30 minutes, so use them wisely. You can use one for only one time, that’s a ‘single-use’.

Use a lucky egg when you’re determined to catch some Pokemon as they are quite tough to achieve and only lasts for 30 minutes. So, use that 30 minutes and earn more XP for leveling up faster. This is one of best Pokemon GO tips to level up faster for getting more XP. 😀

#9 Use Incense.

These will increase the number of Pokemon you can find or encounter. You can achieve these by level ups or even purchase them from the store using coins. This is a small tip but is very effective if you’re really wanting to catch some new Pokemon. 😉

#10 Battle Gyms.

This is not a very effective or working way to level up if you’re laying on the low levels. But when you feel you are able to go to Gyms, follow our guide which has every information on how to battle gyms.

This is very effective for high level players, and will achieve you a lot of XP for leveling up faster. As I said, you can check our guide to fight and battle gyms for leveling up. 😉

# Use the Nearby Feature to find Rare Pokemon.

Each new pokemon added to your Pokedex will give you 500 XP. Use the nearby feature and the ‘footprints‘ you see to go towards these rare Pokemon, and catch them to receive your 500 XP! That’s pretty massive right? 😀

This is perhaps the best of all these Pokemon GO tips to level up faster.

Concluding.. (Pokemon GO tips to Level up Faster)

Let’s recap the whole thing once more:

  • Find lures and try staying there.
  • Play on a moving vehicle or car while travelling through a big city.
  • Aim correctly and try hitting the center-most part for bonus XP.
  • Throw curveballs only if you think you can manage to aim properly with it.
  • Carry a portable power bank for charging your phone while you’re playing Pokemon GO.
  • Ride your bicycle while you play and mount your phone to attach it to your bicycle.
  • Don’t tap the Pokestop items, and save time.
  • Use a lucky egg for 30 minutes and earn more XP.
  • Use Incense to find more Pokemons and catch them.
  • Battle gyms if you can and earn tons of XP.
  • Use the nearby feature and try locating rare Pokemon to receive a staggering 500 XP!

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