How to Play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator on PC? (Moving with WASD)

If you’re a PC user and want to play Pokemon GO on your PC, you’re at the right place. A few days back, I have shared a technique to play Pokemon GO with Bluestacks on PC. But there are many small issues that can trouble while catching Pokemon. To be honest, I found this technique to play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator more easy and straight forward. I also got many responses in my Bluestacks post that they can’t use their keyboard to move around. So, I found this technique working and most importantly, very simple. 🙂

In this post, you will be learning:

  • Where to download Nox App Player from?
  • How to install and configure Nox App Player?
  • How to install and play Pokemon GO using it?
  • How to improve your Nox App Player’s performance?

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I have heard some people getting banned using these techniques. But to try it myself, I created a new Google account. However, I reached level 7 till now and have caught a range of Pokemon. The surprising thing, Pokemon GO didn’t even release officially in my country, and I’m still playing without any problem. All I need to say is- ‘don’t jump too much around the map‘. It’s impossible for Niantic to trace you if you follow this guide step-by-step. 🙂

How to Play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator on PC?

First, to start, you obviously need to download Nox App Player which is completely free. You can find the download link for this just below this guide. Nox App Player is quite like Bluestacks but provides a range of different useful stuff. The interface of the Nox Emulator is quite like Bluestacks 2 itself. Now follow the step-by-step guide carefully. You also need to download the Pokemon GO APK file. I have provided the links to everything just below.

Step #1 Download Nox Emulator and Pokemon GO APK file from the download’s part.

Step #2 Install Nox Emulator.

Step #3 Now drag the Pokemon GO v0.33.0 APK file to install and don’t open.

Step #4 Now Click on the ‘Settings

Nox Emulator Settings, Pokemon GO Nox Emulator, How to Play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator, Nox App Player

Step #5 Now you will find a pop-up, just turn on ‘Root‘.

Allow Root Access in Nox Emulator

Step #6 Now it will prompt to restart Nox App Player, simply click on ‘Restart Now‘.

Step#7 Now once Nox App Player restarted, just click on the location pinpoint icon as shown in the image below. Then type in any location you like. (If you change later, you might get banned). Then you will see an ‘Ok‘ button, just click on it. This will set your fake location.

Set Fake Location Nox App Player

Step #8 Now open Pokemon GO, and restart Nox Player completely! (Very Important)

Step #9 Now once restarted, check your location if it’s the same as you have set before. If not, simply set it once again, and run Pokemon GO.

Step #10 Now login to your existing Google Account that is associated with Pokemon GO. You can now play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator using your keyboard keys – WASD!

Play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator Smoothly: Improving Performance

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to Settings like before.
  2. Now move to Advanced.
  3. You will find something called ‘Performance Setting‘, just choose ‘High‘ from there.
  4. Now this will prompt you to restart Nox Emulator, simply do that for the Emulator to take effect.

Note: For this, you  need a good CPU with at least 2-cores and at least 4 GB of RAM. I have 16 GB RAM and a 4-core CPU, so it’s enough to run Nox App Player smoothly. 😀

Downloads Mentioned in This Post

#1 Nox App Player

Size: 297.12 MB

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac OS

Download Mirrors:

Direct Download Google Drive

#2 Pokemon GO v0.33.0 APK

Size: 61 MB (64,461,254 bytes)

Support OS: Android 4.4 or Higher

Download Mirrors:

Direct Download Google Drive


This was all about how to play Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator for free. I found this very simple and better than Bluestacks. You can also play other Android games using this Nox App Player. Unlike Bluestacks, this has an inbuilt option to enable ROOT access which is great. I have tried some other emulators like the GenyMotion, and others. All those emulators are a headache, with a very complex interface.

However, you can start enjoying yourself playing Pokemon GO with Nox Emulator. You can use your keyboard’s key – WASD to move around the map. You won’t get banned unless you jump from location to location. Pressing the keyboard keys simulates walking So, no ban unless you do anything wrong. I’m still playing and this works just perfectly. Problems with Bluestacks in Gyms are solved in Nox Emulator. So, this is my recommendation.

If you liked and found this tutorial helpful, gift us with a share. If you have any questions to ask, don’t hesitate to comment below. Make sure to subscribe to receive email notifications of new posts every day. Till then, I gotta catch ’em all. 😛

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