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Have you unlocked the legendary new troop: Ice Wizard yet? Well, it’s about some hours I just unlocked this awesome troop. I’m saying “awesome” and it stands for a reason. He isn’t the strongest or very strong at damaging, but it does help in a great extend. He is great at slowing down the enemies. You can say, his powerful hand acts like the Freeze Spell from Clash of Clans.

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I love being a fan of the Ice Wizard because of his caliber to stop and slow down enemies. Unlike other troops who attacks back to slow down their mirror attackers, he doesn’t do that. He freezes them for about a second or so. That’s the most interesting part of the strategy to win almost every battle. He is great at halting fly troops like the Baby Dragon and Minions too. 😀

If you remember the Clash Royale’s Wizard, you’ll know he blows down fire, I mean to say from his hands not mouth, lol. Similarly, our legend- Ice Wizard gives off some kind of ice, which strikes the enemy troops freezing them for about some seconds, giving your other troops a chance to drop them down. The best thing, he has got higher HP (Hitpoints) than the Wizard. 😉

Ice Wizard: Random Info

Ice Wizard, Clash Royale Ice Wizard, Ice Wizard guide, Ice Wizard tips, Ice Wizard strategy, Ice Wizard tactics, Ice Wizard wiki, about Ice Wizard

“This chill caster hails from the far North. He shoots ice shards at enemies, slowing down their movement and attack speed.”

Here are some random facts about the Ice Wizard:

  • The Ice Wizard can be unlocked once you reach the Spell Valley (Arena 5).
  • He is a moderate range, average Hitpoint troop that deals area damage, quite like the Wizard.
  • He slows down his target’s movement and attack speed.
  • He is great a defending other friendly-troops like the Valkyrie.
  • He was introduced on 29/2/16.
  • On 23/3/16, the card balance update increased his damage by 5%.
  • When he is deployed, piles of snow gathers and is left behind before he moves away from the spot.
  • He is the only man who can slow down troops!

Ice Wizard Strategy & Tips

  • Use him to quickly rush into enemy base.
    – Deploy a Giant and Mini PEKKA.
    – Deploy the Ice Wizard after them.
    Reason: You just can’t use some strategy if it’s not working. But this strategy works because your opponent will also be deploying some powerful troops, no matter air or ground troops, the Ice Wizard can deal with them by halting them, letting your Giant and Mini PEKKA to get into the base without much problem, while the Mini PEKKA deals with the ground troops which your Ice Wizard has slowed down, your Giant can deal with the buildings, breaking them down.
  • Use him to defend your base.
    – Deploy him near some swarm of enemy troops.
    – Deploy your most damage-dealing troops like Mini PEKKA or Prince.
    Reason: This strategy is great for defending yourself. This will not let your opponent to get clutch of your buildings. As Ice Wizard is good at dealing swarm of troops for his splash area damage tactic, he can slow those avenging troops while you other defending troops go and kill the swarm.
  • Slow down Prince, Dark Prince & Giant Skeleton.
    – Deploy your Ice Wizard, which will shoot ice shards at your enemy.
    – Deploy troops like Minions and Goblins for dealing quick damage to the opponent troops.
    Reason: This is great for defending again. The Prince and Dark Prince will try advancing towards your troops and buildings to finish them, but your defending hero- Ice Wizard can save you from these brutal troops by halting them down, and slowing their attack speed. Great, right?

Clash Royale Ice Wizard: Statistics

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
1.2 secMedium1 sec6Air & Ground3x1TroopLegendary
Icons stats hp
Area Damage
Icons stats dmg area
Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps


I don’t know what you think of this awesome troop. Let me know about your opinions and also if you think you can use some other strategy with this troop which would be more effective. I personally liked this troop at my first attempt. This is quite awesome!

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