How to Start Freelancing: Ultimate Guide for Newbies

How to start freelancing and boost your online income?

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There are millions of freelancers all over the world today. Some making serious money and some looking for opportunities to get started. If you want to begin your freelancing career, you should. Basically, there are different types of freelancer including – writers, designers, singers, artists and even actors. You can find the perfect definition for freelancing from Wikipedia.

For newbies, I’m writing this post to help beginners with the topic – “How to Start Freelancing?“. Many struggles after joining some of the freelancing sites and almost 50% newbies fail to understand how the process works and have to be carried out.

I started freelancing over 2 years before. I understood nothing and didn’t know the process for applying for jobs. I had no special skills, and I was nervous but I was looking for money because I heard from an elderly brother, that he made $9/hour! I started jumping as it had a reason. He said he would only copy image-like documents in MS Word! It’s as simple as a piece of cake.

Let’s not make my story a lengthy play so it’s good to get to the point.

How to Start Freelancing?

If you want to start freelancing, you have to understand its basics. Not only about freelancing, but also the thing you are ready to do for your future clients – writing, designing and more as I said above. If you are a good actor, you have to find clients looking for actors for their business purposes. Then you will be eligible to make some serious fat amount of money. Don’t worry, actors are the only freelancers, there are designers, Photoshop experts, and even data entry operators making good money online.

You must do some tests about yourself before you think if you will really be able to freelance. Take for example. You are a very busy person and you only have some spare time. I don’t think you should be working then, take rest. But if you think, even being busy, you can work for some time in your spare time. You should work. It’s mainly students who get spare time to work.

You should remember that you don’t quit your job before being successful in your freelancing career. Then you should become a part-time freelancer, but once, you stood up. Quit your job and start making fatty money. That’s what is a full-time freelancer by profession.

Typically, these are the things that you have to be sure about before thinking to start your freelancing career. After knowing yourself, you have to join. Keep reading. ?

Join Freelancing: How to start freelancing?

To start freelancing, you need to find clients looking for people of your caliber. Where can you find the best clients all over the world? You have to join certain trusted freelancing sites, like Upwork, Freelancer or Elance. You can join any of these sites but I personally liked Upwork which has an easy navigation and where it is easy to bid and manage your clients.

The thing I like the most about Upwork is that they provide free tests on many different topics to assure the clients that you’re capable of doing the job and you know about it. These are generally multiple-choice-questions. If you manage to finish these tests, you will get a positive remark about yourself in your profile which means, even if you’re a newbie, you know about the service you will be giving.

All is that you need to join a trusted freelancing company. But many people find clients through many other sources or find clients themselves. But it’s the best to start freelancing under a trusted site and make your clients happy for positive reviews and more clients. Once you get some positive reviews in your profile and along with that if you manage to build a portfolio, you’re indeed successful in your freelancing career.


It’s not hard to start freelancing if you already have one of those required skills. Even teenagers like me can make money online by doing what they are good at. I just did one project at Upwork and received a positive review, and after some days, I got a bunch of invitations from clients, but I didn’t show up that passion for freelancing as much as I did for blogging. But remember, your first client is your key is successful, make him happy, and he will make you happy with not only money but with fame.

If you think, it’s a helpful post, don’t wait to share it on your social profiles with your friends and comment to let your own opinions out. Enjoy your money and start freelancing today! ?

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