Play Clash Royale on PC: Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS

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Playing Clash Royale on PC should be exciting right? With such a big arena for fighting with bigger enemies. I do play Clash Royale on PC because it’s not awesome in the bigger screen. Really! If you want to play Clash Royale on PC, you can.

In this quick little tutorial, I’m going to tell  you how you can play Clash Royale on PC, no matter if it’s Windows or Mac OS, you can play. However, playing on PC doesn’t destroy it’s graphics and looks, so the resolution is damn good for bigger screens too. I already talked about playing Clash Royale on Bluestacks which is a part of this tutorial, so don’t miss it!

This is the most awesome thing I liked about the game, I would call is “Responsive Resolution“. The image quality still doesn’t get lost even even it’s zoomed that big. I do play it on my laptop which isn’t that big at all but the game and battle gets more exciting, you got to try!

Play Clash Royale on PC: Which OS you need?

Well, playing Clash Royale on PC is quite easy than thought. You don’t need any extra stuff, but just a good PC. I’m saying “Good PC” because you really need it. To run emulator games on PC, you do require a GPU or graphics card, and without it, I can say, you can’t play it bro.

But no problem if you’ve a lappy as mine which has an inbuilt GPU, so I think you can play too!

Here are the Operating Systems that would successfully run the game:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS

I’ve tried it on Windows 7, works very good. My friend tried on his PC- Windows 8, very good as well. But for Windows 10, it worked marvelous, it was run on Dinesh bro’s PC. Well, according to our research, it’s working and the logic says, it would work for Mac OS too.

How to Play Clash Royale on PC?

Very easy off course. You need nothing but the Bluestacks emulator or iPadian. I’ve already posted a guide on running Clash Royale on Bluestacks without the crashing error.

Check out:

Steps to Play Clash Royale on PC

  1. Download Bluestacks or iPadian from their official sites. (Make sure to download the latest version of the softwares)
  2. Install any of the software.
  3. Download Clash Royale and install.
  4. Enjoy the game!

You need to check out the detailed tutorial on using Bluestacks to play Clash Royale on PC. So, enjoy the big screen now!


Now you can enjoy the game on your PC by playing it with your mouse. This would quite be like Dota 2, lol. But it’s so much fun, I’m having 5x fun than I thought I would. Really, and not only the big screen, the game itself is so awesome.

So, enter the arena and start to play Clash Royale on PC!

Got anything to say? Write down in the comments. Share if you liked or if it helped.

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