How to Get Pikachu as your Starter at Pokémon Go?

This is perhaps the coolest thing you will get to know about Pokemon Go! There is actually a secret technique to get Pichaku as your starter Pokemon. The founder of this blog – Dinesh bro found this technique while he was trying to help his newbie friend play Pokemon Go. This is a weird secret but it perhaps the most awesome thing of the whole game. 😀

Pikachu is one of the leading Pokemon and everyone wants it. How would you react if I told you that you can start your Pokemon Go career with Pikachu. I’m saying, this guide is a very short one. But if you want to get Pikachu as your starter pokemon, you have to start from the beginning. But that’s no problem, sign in to your Google or Apple account in-game, and your progress will be saved. 😀

That should be a little painful if you’re in a high level. But there are tons of people including one of my friends, who don’t have Pikachu even while being in level 7! No need to wait for Pikachu, it’s time you catch it right in the beginning.

Follow the rest of the guide to get Pikachu as your starter pokemon in the game. 😉

How to Get Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon? 😮

Now comes the awesome part – getting Pikachu as your start Pokemon. Just keep in mind, this is not any hack or illegal stuff. It’s totally legit and is a secret not revealed by Niantic Inc. 😉

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If you didn’t start playing Pokemon Go yet, download it for free from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. If you already play Pokemon Go and you’re in a higher level, I would not recommend to throw away your current Pokemon collection in the Pokedex for just Pikachu.

It’s time to Get Pikachu as your Starter Pokemon!

To get Pikachu as your starter, you have to start playing Pokemon Go from scratch. This is not any cheat or anything like, it’s totally legitimate and very easy. All you need to do this follow these quick short steps.

Note: You have to move away from those Pokemon to make this trick work, so enjoy your ride on a bicycle or a car.

Please read the steps very carefully if you want to make this work:

  1. When you first launch Pokemon Go, you will find 3 Pokemon surrounding you.
  2. Don’t do anything, don’t tap on them, and just ignore.
  3. Now move away from these Pokemon. (You need to walk a long distance to move away, so choose a ride.)
  4.  You will see the 3 Pokemon disappearing, let them disappear and walk away from them for 3 times.
  5. On the 4th time, you’ll find Pikachu along with those 3 starter Pokemon.
  6. Now it’s time to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon.

Concluding… (Get Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon)

That’s awesome that now you got your Pikachu. Starting off with this awesome badass Pokemon is something really great. I’m saying once again that this is not only sort of hack, it’s just a secret Niantic Inc. kept for the world to discover. I created a new account, and now I have Pikachu to fight with! 😀

You can always safeguard your current account’s progress by signing in with your Google Account or Apple account in iOS. Anyway, if you found this little secret helpful, share it on Facebook and let your friends know about this awesome super-duper secret too! Comment below if you have something to share or say. Let me stop here, I got other Pokemon to hunt! 😛

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