Easiest Way To Get Free Clash of Clans Gems in 2017

In this post, I am going to write about how to get free gems in Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game played by people of a variety of ages. 😉

Since the gems which we get in Clash of Clans can be used to purchase the main constructors which are called builders in this game. The more the builders the more your village grows. Try to save your gems for your mighty builders and their pretty small huts. 😀

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Best Ways to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

There are many ways to earn free gems in this game. But we all want to have more gems without spending a dime from our pockets. Let’s see how you can get free gems on Clash of Clans easily.

These are the two simple ways to get free gems.

  • Achievements in the game
  • Clearing the obstacles

Achievements in the game

We all know that there are plenty of achievements in the game. On completing these achievements we get rewards of gems and experience points which help you increase your player level. The main achievements in the game are the league achievements. 😀

League achievements

The bulk amount of free gems comes by completing league achievements

  • Score 1250 trophies(Silver League)-you will get 450 gems along with 1000xp
  • Score 2600 trophies(Master League)-you will get 1000 gems along with 1000xp
  • Score 3200 trophies(Champion League)-you will get 2000 gems along with 2000xp

These are the league achievements which give you big amount of gems and getting to these leagues is pretty hard but I can help you easily get there. Check out later articles on how to get more trophies easily.

War Hero Achievements

There is another achievement’s group which gives you a good amount of gems called war hero achievement. What you need to do is join an active clan and learn to properly attack in a clan war and try to gather stars in your profile

  • Score 10 stars in clan wars- 50 XP and 50 Gems
  • Score 150 stars in clan wars- 500 XP and 200 Gems
  • Score 1000 stars in clan wars- 1000 XP 1000 Gems

Inferno towers

This is another achievement which gives you some good amount of gems

  • Destroy 10 inferno towers – 50 XP and 100 gems
  • Destroy 250 inferno towers-500 XP and 200 gems
  • Destroy 5000 inferno towers-5000 XP and 1000 gems

I can hear your mind voice, I know how difficult is to kill an inferno tower but once you reach a good town hall level, you can destroy inferno tower very easily.

You can see that completing challenges can get you crazy amount of free gems. You also have to join an active clan and participate in wars and score stars.

Clearing Obstacles

This is a great way to earn gems. Without any efforts, we can get many gems but limited to a day. We can click an obstacle, clear it up. How knows, it might contain a gem.

  • On a weekly basis, we get gem boxes which consist of 25 gems.
  • Obstacles range worth from 1-10 gems.


Hey clashers, that’s all about getting free gems without spending a dime. As I said, completing achievements and removing obstacles can get you many gems for free.

I hope, I could help you get some free gems. If you have any suggestions, comment below and let us know your thoughts. Just don’t sit back and read, participate in our discussion. Don’t forget to share it with your Clasher friends! 😀

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