Hay Day 2 – Everything You Need to Know (What to Expect)

You will be surprised to know that around 100,000 people are actually searching for ‘Hay Day 2‘. In general, I have no idea where this whole idea came from, but it’s a topic to make clear about. 🙂

Most people searching for the Hay Day 2 are confused whether it’s a rumor or something that Supercell is secretly working on. Well, in this post, I will be sharing my opinions about the unknown fact of Supercell.

According to some statistics, monthly 100 thousand to a million people search whether this is a rumor or a hidden truth. Anyway, without further chitchat, let’s get into the reasons why Supercell would not develop Hay Day 2 at any cost.

Hay Day 2: Is it really coming?

The moment of truth. At first, I want to mention some reasons why Supercell would not develop a second version of their game.

  • Supercell wants to keep their current games updated.
  • They would not create a game of the same type but try and improve their current Hay Day.

Supercell always tries to bring newer stuff to their games, so there’s little room for them to actually go and build a whole new Hay Day which is at least no feasible.

In the Supercell forum, I had found some people arguing over the fact that Supercell will not create another Hay Day, and so the argument goes on. But the truth is, Supercell wants to keep their current well-developed games well balanced along with new features joining here and there. 😀

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So, it’s good to come to a conclusion that Supercell is not developing the Hay Day 2, but instead focusing on their current game and improving it wherever possible. 😉


As I said earlier, a vast number of people actually think they can download Hay Day 2 for their mobile phones, but alas, let’s not keep the hope. In fact, Supercell might create another farm game which would be much different from Hay Day if they wanted to.

As Supercell’s behavior tells, they love making changes to their game to keep their players’ enthusiasm. For that, Supercell tries to keep their games very optimized and interesting. 😉

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