Only 1% of All GTA 5 Players Know These SECRET LOCATIONS

At last, I have the list of all the GTA 5 secret locations. It’s been months I had been researching to find all the hidden spots in GTA 5 along with some Easter Eggs.

It’s your luck for I’ve finally managed to find most and you’ll be surprised to know that only 1% of all GTA 5 players actually know these secret locations. 😀

In general, some of the locations are intentionally put by Rockstar Games for you to explore, while some are glitches which lead to new locations in the game. That’s amazing, right?

GTA 5 Secret Locations & Easter Eggs

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Well, let me first mention. I actually got these locations from a YouTube video which is linked down. You can watch the video for a clear idea, so I won’t be writing much.

All I wanted to do is share this epic unknown GTA 5 locations so you could be the first to explore them among your friends. Good thing! It works on multiplayer as well, so you can surprise your buddies. 😉

The Video: GTA 5 Secret Locations

As I said earlier, I had found the locations from this YouTube video. You can watch the video below to actually get where exactly the spots are as it’s really going to be tough for you to find if I provide images instead. 😀


Now, to be quite frank, that’s all you need to read. The real thing is the video, so make sure you have watched the video. You’ll be finding the top 10 GTA 5 Secret Locations. I found this video quite appealing, and I myself found some of the hidden spots as all not are clear to me yet. But I’m sure you can if you play a lot of GTA 5. (I mostly play Dota 2 and Overwatch, so I was too lazy to find them myself you know, lol.) 😉

If you liked this post, make sure to share with your friends, and also comment below if you have any other hidden spot to share, I’ll be listing them in this post, so everyone can know and explore your discovered GTA 5 secret locations! 😀

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