Freeze Spell: Clash Royale Spell Card (Wiki & Usage Tips)

I would love having the Freeze Spell card in my deck as I still haven’t got a clutch of it. I heard from some of my friends who have got to higher levels starting with me, but I’m very lazy so I’m still stuck to arena level 3. I play Clash Royale twice a day but my friends play every hour, perhaps more than 10 hours each day!


However, I thought of some great stories from friends about their experiences with the awesome spell card when they’ve used it for the first time in Clash Royale, they reaction weren’t very weird because they already played Clash of Clans and they know about the game’s in and outs. It’s the same, exactly alike to the Clash of Clan’s Freeze spell, no differences, bruh. 😀

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In this post composed by me, but all the ideas are collected from my friends including the strategy, I’ve nothing to know anymore, they explained every stuff like an amoeba- every small parts of the spell card. Keep reading, bruh.

Freeze Spell Card: Random Info

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“Freezes troops and buildings, making them unable to move or attack. Everybody chill.”

Here are some random facts about the Freeze Spell including its characteristics.

  • The Freeze spell can be unlocked from the P.E.K.K.A Playhouse (Arena 4).
  • It is a special Spell that prevents all enemy units, buildings within its radius that were placed in front of it from moving or attacking.
  • It’s the same as the Clash of Clans’ Spell.
  • Troops affected by the Freeze spell will remain frozen even if they are pushed down of the radius.

Freeze Spell Strategy

  • It can be used with Balloons to deal immense damage to buildings and Crown Towers. It should be cast once the Balloon reaches the Crown Tower, crippling any enemy troops trying to assist the Crown Tower and the Tower itself.
    It can also be used with the Hog Rider. If executed properly, the Hog Rider can cause immense damage to the Crown Tower during the Freeze spell’s live duration.
  • It can be used defensively to stop approaching troops such as the PEKKA & Baby Dragon, which can be crucial if they reaches your Arena Towers.

Freeze Spell: Statistics

Icons stats radius
Icons stats deploy time
15 sec
25.3 sec
35.6 sec
45.9 sec
56.2 sec
66.5 sec
76.8 sec
87.1 sec


These is all about the Freeze Spell you need to know to use it properly. So, I’ve given you the strategy my friends taught me because I still haven’t got this cool card but I’m waiting for a surprise from a wooden chest or even free chest. It’s haunting me now, I really need it after watching its utility.

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