Dedicated Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which is Better?

Everyone starting an online business wants to grow. The early choice is certainly the cheap shared hosting, but eventually, they need to upgrade to two of the most popular options: Dedicated hosting or Managed hosting. However, you might have serious confusion whether to choose dedicated hosting or the managed hosting. No worries, in this guide, I will tell you which one would be better for you! 😉

In this post, I’m going to be comparing these two type of hosting plans. Without further do, let’s get started. 😉

Dedicated Hosting vs Managed Hosting

Dedicated Hosting vs Managed Hosting

If you want to grow to a greater extent, you need one of these hosting plans: dedicated or managed.

Dedicated hosting: Pros

  • It gives you more freedom and control.
  • Very powerful for handling massive traffic.
  • Very robust servers and zero downtime.
  • It’s your server, no restrictions.

Managed hosting: Pros

  • Cheaper than dedicated hosting.
  • Quite powerful servers for high traffic.
  • Robust and high-performance servers, with very no chances of downtime.
  • The hosting company manages everything for you.

Now let’s come to the cons of these two hosting.

Dedicated hosting: Cons

  • Very costly (good for huge enterprises).
  • Very time consuming, you have to manage everything properly.

Managed hosting: Cons

  • Less powerful than dedicated hosting.


Now, which is better for you? I will certainly say: you need dedicated hosting only if you’re a big brand. If you’re an individual you need not such a costly powerful server for small needs. So managed hosting is your piece of cake, you need to choose this. Ordinary shared hosting isn’t powerful enough to maintain huge traffic and often faces downtime.

For this reason, I have personally switched to managed hosting for WordPress for better results. Now you gotta choose the one you really need. If you liked this post and found it helpful, share it on Facebook with your geeky friends. Let them know which is better for them. 😉

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