Clash Royale Witch: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Witch is one of the defensive units in the game, She is also powerful because of her area splash beam from her stick, She also spawn mini skeletons, Which would distract heavy units such as P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince. I mean all the single target damaging units. And she is weak against troops which deal area damage.

Clash Royale Witch: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

The troops such as Baby Dragon, Valkyrie and even a Musketeer is very good against her. Because they deal area damage. Incase of Musketeer, She shoots from a range with good amount of damage and kills witch and her skeletons easily.. Area damage kills all her skeletons and makes her exposed to the enemy army. If used carefully and if an opponent forgets to kill her, Then the opponent will move to the graveyard for sure, Beating his crown towers down.

Clash Royale Witch Random Info

Clash Royale Witch: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

“Summons skeletons, shoots destructive beams, has glowing pink eyes that unfortunately don’t shoot lasers.”

  • Clash Royale Witch has pink glowing eyes, She holds a stick, And the stick shoots a destructive beam.
  • Clash Royale Witch looks similar to Clash Of Clans Witch with similar abilities.
  • Clash Royale Witch also gives birth to her tiny skeletons which distract the powerful units often, She spawns skeletons every 3 seconds. Three skeletons are produced every 3 seconds.
  • Clash Royale Witch is unlocked at Training Camp( Tutorial)
  • Clash Royale Witch her beam deals area damage.
  • On the latest March update her damage increased by 3 %.
  • There are seven cards which are related to the skeletons and they are Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Giant Skeleton, Bomber, Tomb Stone, Balloon, Witch
  • The skeletons are 5 level greater than the witch.

Clash Royale Witch Strategy

  • So guys, From the above information given, You can understand that the Clash Royale Witch is a defensive unit and she needs a meat shield in front of her, So that she can perform well, Below I will mention some of the strategies which you can use with her.
  • Clash Royale Witch could be used as a first move. Whenever the Royale battle began and if you got Witch Card out of 4, Then you can drop her at behind of your crown tower. Then if you have your prince drop him nearer to her, To make a deadly combo. As I mentioned above, Witch has an Area splash and Prince is distracted by spammy units, Witch can clear these spam and Prince can trample the Crown tower effectively.
  • Clash Royale Witch along with Giant also a deadly combination, Since Witch is a multi-targeted unit, She can shoot both ground and air units with good amount of area damage. If you are dropping a giant, Enemy will drop a unit which is very powerful single targeted like Mini P.E.K.K.A, When the witch is behind she can distract P.E.K.K.A with her skeletons wasting P.E.K.K.A damage per attack.
  • Clash Royale Witch should not be dropped alone, She alone cannot take out the tower. Make sure no unit nears this powerful Witch.

Clash Royale Witch Statistics

Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats deploy time
0.7 secMedium1 secRangedMulti5x1EPICTroop


LevelHitpointsArea DamageDamage per secondSkeleton Level

Clash Royale Witch Conclusion

So, Guys That’s all about her, She is a wonderful unit and if you use her properly you will be winning many battles and can distract many powerful units, If you liked this article please share it with your friends. We want to know more what more you know about Clash Royale Witch?. If you have more opinion, Share it on the comment section.


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