Clash Royale Special Event Challenges: New Cards & New Balance Update!

Just 3 days before, Supercell announced the Clash Royale November Update. The announce mentioned four new cards are joining the Arena, and tons of people including me, was waiting for the 1st of November. Well, nothing was added, some balances were made which I talked about in my November update post.

However, Supercell now announced that the new cards are not coming altogether. As they said, the Tornado which was leaked by Supercell itself is being added on the 11th of November.

Anyway, Supercell said something new is being added too! That’s the Clash Royale Special Event Challenges, which is quite like BattlePass from Dota 2. You need to win attacks and get gold, and you will also unlock new cards. That’s pretty interesting, and a whole new thing to Supercell gamers.

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Clash Royale Special Event Challenges: New Cards & Balances

Here are things that Supercell did for this update to keep the game well balanced, and fun to play. New features like ‘Clash Royale Special Event Challenges‘ had been added making the game way more interesting. 😀

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  • Introducing the first special event challenge: King’s Cup!
  • King’s Cup is a limited time challenge with special rules.
  • Enter each battle with a fresh deck we’ve created for you.
  • Your first King’s Cup challenge is free to enter (starts 4th November) Tune into the King’s Cup tournament live-stream on 6th November.


  • Tornado will be available on 11th November 2016.
  • All the 3 other cards will be released one by one every two weeks!


  • During a Friendly Battle, both players’ cards are leveled up (or down) to the “Tournament Rules” for an even playing field.
  • Muting your opponent’s emotes will now fully mute them.
  • Unlock three new achievements.
  • Request cards from your Clan every 7h (from 8h).
  • Clan Trophy requirements can be set to 4000.
  • BALANCE (mentioned below).
  • When spectating a friend, the opponent’s Elixir bar is hidden.
  • Several cards are re-balanced.

Blind Deck Challenge: We’ll be having a very fun rule in the King’s Cup Challenge! Each Challenge, you are going to be playing a blind deck, containing 6 defined cards and 2 random cards. You even can play cards you don’t own which is great! This was designed to be fun, and not competitive.

King’s Cup prizes structure is like the Classic Challenges:


Clash Royale Re-Balanced Update 1/11

Supercell does a good analysis before balancing any card. Say, for example, the card Archer is very less used, meaning its user rate and win rate is very low. So, Supercell here gives a little boost to the Archer so more people are interested in using that. That’s the whole back-story about balances.

Supercell felt the last balanced changes weren’t a good idea perhaps, so some cards are now rebalanced. 🙂

Ice Spirit: Freeze duration decreased to 1.5sec (from 2sec)

  • Currently highly used at the top, Ice Spirit offers a bit too much stopping power for 1 Elixir.

Ice Golem: Death Damage increased by 74%

  • This change ensures that Ice Golem’s Death Damage kills Skeletons (at the Tournament Rules card levels).

Rage: Effect increased to 35% (from 30%)

  • Rage can be a really fun and impactful spell when it makes an appearance in the Arena, but currently, it isn’t seeing much usage. Increasing the effect should make it a more compelling choice.

Lumberjack: Rage effect increased to 35% (from 30%)

  • For consistency with the Rage, spell changes above.

Inferno Tower: Hitpoints decreased by 6%

  • Inferno Tower is currently one of the top defensive choices and as a result, the “big guys” (Golem, etc.) become less appealing to use. Additionally, it can sometimes be hard to efficiently remove from the Arena, so we’re aiming to remedy both of these things with a small Hitpoint reduction.


I don’t know what you think of the Clash Royale Special Event Challenges, but I certainly loved it. That’s not competitive, but some real fun. The thing I liked the most – you get to play cards you didn’t even have in your inventory. Let me know in the comments what you think of this Clash Royale re-balanced update plus these awesome new features.

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