Clash Royale Released Globally on 1st March 2016

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Happy news for everyone in the world! Clash Royale released globally on the 1st of March 2016.  All though Supercell claimed that they will release Clash Royale globally on the 14th of this Month. It’s not a problem, quicker is better.

For people using IOS on those non-released countries, it’s a blasting news. They weren’t able to play the game, unlike Android users. However, Android users too had problems with updating the game. Many of my friends believed, their progress would be lost if they installed the external downloaded Clash Royale APK file.

But that’s not the case, however, we won’t need any more tricks to play Clash Royale on non-released countries. Now Clash Royale released globally can be downloaded all over the world with no country restrictions. It’s the global release with exciting new things.

Predictions we made about March update came true, if not 100% but almost 70% because new things had been added.

Clash Royale Released Globally: When & What New Things?

Of course, Clash Royale released globally now, and you’ll not see any restriction while trying to download the game from IOS or Play Store.

Clash Royale Released Globally: Date

Release Date: 1st March 2016

Clash Royale Released Globally: New Things

This was a short update in the 1.2.0 version of Clash Royale. However, it didn’t come up new with this global launch. But for those who are already looking forward to downloading the game, it’s a good news, though.

New Cards:
  • The Dark Prince
  • Poison
  • The Three Musketeers
  • The Ice Wizard
  • The Royale Giant
  • The Princess
New Chests:
  • Giant Chest
  • Super Magical Chest


Clash Royale released globally and now Supercell had announced it “Global Launch“. Unlike Clash of Clans, Supercell took very little time to work out for Clash Royale. Along with it, now Supercell added some new troop cards and a new spell too.

Of course, you’ll find more amazing gifts in the 2 new chests, especially the Super Magical Chest. I’ve got any Super Magical Chests till now, waiting for one. What would it give? Maybe some serious rare cards, it’s gonna be awesome!

Here is a little bonus video from Supercell. Watch the video below: it’s the Global Launch Announcement [Official Video by Supercell].

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