Clash Royale Ram Rider Update v 2.5.4 – Things you need to know

So the winter season had arrived and the festive eve is all around the corner, while supercell has made the Christmas more special by releasing an update on their new legendary card.

They have given an update about this card a few days before, and the first look, every detail about this card has been revealed now.

Added to that Supercell has planned to give a surprise gift to their fans as a special due to Christmas and new year eve.

And I’ll share in you in brief about the Clash Royale January 2019 update.

Clash Royale Ram Rider Update

Release date of the card – 25th December 2018.

Stills of Ram Rider

Clash Royale Ram Rider Update

About the Ram Rider 

This is the 90th card update from Supercell in the clash royale game, and this card may seem more or less like Hog Rider but this card is completely different in its way of the attack and everything.

ArenaRam Rider will be available from the Hog Arena.
Card TypeLegendary
Speed   Medium
Attack typeAir& Ground
Elixir cost5
Hit Points750

Clash Royale Christmas & New Year Update 2018

What’s new

  • You can add Star Points to your Max Cards.
  • Need your king to reach Level 13 to earn star points.
  • Also, you can earn star points with card upgrades and donations.
  • With enough star points, you can unlock cool cosmetics for max level cards.
  • Play global tournaments and take home rewards.
  • More the no of wins more the rewards.
  • You can also unlock bonus rewards with the help of gems.
  • Exclusive rewards if you finish at the top of the table.
  • In the old version, once you started the challenge you can’t continue it once you exit.
  • But in this new update you can continue the challenge where you left no matter what.
  • Better clan recommendations in the clan searches.
  • Need to cool down once you traded.
  • Change the name with gems.
  • Use emotes with gems.
  • Add friend after a 2vs2 battle.
  • Magical chests changed to mega lightning chests.
  • Now with more rewards too.
  • Gems in war bounties.
  • Finally, legend trophies removed from player profiles.
  • Improved classic decks in clan wars.
  • Freeze now deals area damage and will last for 5 seconds.
  • New special Holiday tournaments

Download Clash Royale Ram Rider update for APK

  • Click on the above-given link.
  • You’ll be taken to a new window.
  • Then install and run the game to enjoy the ram rider update.


We hope that you’ll get what you want in the post and hope that this update makes you happy. And if you have anything to ask about this update we are always there and you know how to contact us.


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