Clash Royale Private Servers for December 2016 (Android & iOS)

The year is ending, and epic days are ahead. It’s time to have a blast with these Clash Royale Private Servers December 2016. After analyzing for about a week, I found the reworked or updated Clash Royale Privates for December. They are both working on Android & iOS. You will get unlimited Coins & gems, much more! 😀

Many of the hosts of these servers decided to add the newer stuff & make the servers just like the real official Supercell server. Here’s an important note, if it doesn’t work for you, it’s because your ISP doesn’t allow you to access a specific UPD port. 

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Not to worry, these servers are updated to their latest versions. For Android, you need to download the Clash Royale Private Server Switcher which is free but requires a rooted device. On the other hand, you will use a DNS address to redirect yourself to the Private Server.

On the other hand, you will use a DNS address to redirect yourself to the Private Server. You must be connected to a WiFi network in order to do this, so this is not ideal for people who want to enjoy this while traveling. 🙁

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Clash Royale Private Servers December 2016

Lag issues had been fixed in this update, and the server system has been upgraded. The servers no longer get overloaded and are able to handle many active players simultaneously. So, here are some of the updated private servers you could join. All these servers give you unlimited resources, unlike the official Supercell server.

Note: You need a rooted Android device in order to use this private server switcher. There is a list of servers you can join but requires special root access which you can provide by having a rooted device only!

Clash Royale Private Servers December 2016: How to use? (Android)

The process of switching to a private server is very simple. You just need to have a rooted device as mentioned above. After you have rooted your device, it’s eligible to give special root access to any app. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the Clash Royale Private Server Switcher from the download link below.
  2. Install the APK in your Android device.
  3. Once you have installed it, open the switcher.
  4. It’s gonna ask for Root permissions, just allow.
  5. Then choose any server from the list and join.

That’s quite simple, right? Go ahead and download the switcher to join the Clash Royale private servers December 2016. This method is for Android only, scroll down to find the instructions for iOS.

Clash Royale Private Servers December 2016: How to use? (iOS)

Important Note:
If it doesn’t connect you to the Clash Royale Private Server, please tell your ISP to provide you a Real IP address so you have no firewall against these privately hosted servers which do not have SSL certification. 🙂

Don’t worry iOS users, because you can now join these custom Clash Royale private servers. I’ve finally managed to find some of the working Clash Royale private server’s DNS. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on the WiFi options.
  3. Then click on ‘i‘ icon which represents Information (next to your WiFi network name).
  4. Then use any of the following DNS:
  5. Now turn off your WiFi options and turn it on back.
  6. Now open Clash Royale and you should be transferred to the Clash Royale private server.
Download Clash Royale Private Server Switcher (Android Only)
File Name: com.Clash.Royale Mod.ClashRoyale-Guide.org.apk (**Root Required**)

File Size: 87 MB

Support OS: Android

Download Links:

[sociallocker id=”1924″] Download Clash Royale Private Switcher APK

Download Clash Royale Modded APK


If you found these Clash Royale Private Servers December 2016 useful, make sure to share this with your friends. Comment if you have any issues connecting to the private servers! 😉

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Landon - December 17, 2016

It doeesnt work for me in Australia 😭 Help me plz

    Bright Joe - December 17, 2016

    Bro, do you have a Jailbroken iDevice? 🙂

Eddinator - December 17, 2016

Nevermind it works perfectly

MiguelXp - December 23, 2016

Hey, I’m an iOS user and I changed the DNS as I should’v done. Still can’t acces to the private server, I turned off and on the WiFi several times. Is it the USP? If it is, what can i do? Thanks.

    Dinesh - December 23, 2016

    Hey Miguel,
    I would advise you to contact your ISP, Get your real IP address which is bypassed from UDP, So that you can access without any delays.

      MiguelXp - December 24, 2016

      Hey, what do you mean? How do I do that?

MiguelXp - December 23, 2016

Yo, doesn’t work on iOS, is it because of ISP? If yes, how can I go through it?

    Dinesh - December 23, 2016

    Try changing your Internet Service Providers, The game is working perfectly of IOS Devices, Jail Broken one.

yao - December 23, 2016

It doesn’t work for me in mexico,😭
I don’t have a jail broken device

    Dinesh - December 23, 2016

    You need one bro :(.

Mark Scott - December 24, 2016

Adf.ly links are blocked for my country.. Please provide an alternate link.. Please…

    Dinesh - December 24, 2016

    Try using VPN bro, There are lot of VPN available in market.

abdi - December 25, 2016

its doesn’t work for me in indonesia😞😩

    Dinesh - December 25, 2016

    Wait for new DNS address for Indonesia 🙂


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