Clash Royale November Update: New Cards Leaked & Cards Balanced!

Clash Royale Update November 2016, Clash Royale November Update, Clash Royale November Balance Update, New cards Clash Royale november, Clash Royale November Update Leaks, Clash Royale November Balanced Update, Clash Royale November Update Card LeaksSupercell announced a huge upcoming update, which will bring in new cards, and other awesome features to the game. The Clash Royale November update is coming out tomorrow, on the 1st of November. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming update. 😉

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Clash Royale November Update: Things to Know

In this update, Supercell tried to balance some cards to keep the game well balanced. But the thing to get hyped about is the 4 cards that are new! Yeah, my bro, 4 new cards are coming. We don’t yet know what are coming, but some people came up with some leaks. Well, that’s just a prediction.

Clash Royale Update November 2016, Clash Royale November Update, Clash Royale November Balance Update, New cards Clash Royale november

But Supercell leaked one of the cards which is the ‘Tornado‘. They showed this leaked card, as shown above, listing the Tornado. So, I have a bit of trust on the leaks. Some people also shared these card leaks for the November update, saying these might be the other three cards.

Clash Royale November Update, Leaked Cards Clash Royale november update, Clash Royale update november 2016

It’s getting tougher to understand, but we can expect any of these or maybe something whole new! I strongly want to try out the Tornado, lol. 😀

It’s about getting hyped, man. There are so many leaks, making it confusing, but let’s hope for the best. The update is coming out tomorrow, so we can find it without issues. But this is interesting, I must say.

But you might have a question, “Hey man, how can you be sure 4 cards are coming?“. Good question, mate. According to Clash with Ash’s video, he has 4 more cards to find, while he found all the existing ones! So, there’s a total of 66 cards, making calculation much easier. It was 62 before, now it’s 66. (66-62= 4 new cards!)

The Card Balances

We covered the interesting stuff, now what about the existing cards which are already getting balanced? Who knows, they might get nerfed too. Well, let’s get into the geeky stuff. 😉

Ice Golem: Death Damage increased by 74%

This change helps Ice Golem kill Skeletons nearby upon death at Tournament Rule card levels. This is such a great buff since people are using Skeleton Army and Tombstone a lot!

Ice Spirit: Freeze duration decreased from 2s to 1.5s

The special Freeze ability is what makes Ice Spirit the best troop in Clash Royale pre-update. But, undoubtedly, 2s are too much with only 1 Elixir cost. We all knew this change would happen!

Rage: Effect increased from 30% to 35%

Rage is always very fun to use and is the surprising part of most decks containing it. But, currently, its use rate is very low. With the insane buff for this 2 Elixir Spell, I strongly believe we will face the Rage Spell a lot in the Arena!

As a result, Lumberjack’s Rage effect will also increase from 30% to 35% which is great.

Inferno Tower: HP decreased by 6%

At the moment, Inferno Tower is the best defensive building in Clash Royale, working as the solution to deal with big tanks. Hands down, sometimes it’s very hard to remove the Inferno Tower from the map.

What to expect?

In my opinion, this Clash Royale November update is really interesting. All I can say is you can be sure, you will have 4 more cards to explore! None of the cards are nerfed and most of them are benefitted, so I don’t think anyone is disappointed with this update.

The interesting stuff, Supercell never fails to keep up the intensity about their updates. Nevertheless, I just can’t decide what new cards are actually gonna come out tomorrow. Well, let’s wait till Supercell announces again about their maintenance in their forums.

I believe these leaks helped you out, and let me know your opinions about this update and what you think is coming new tomorrow! Share if you want to let your friends know about these leaks. 😉

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