Clash Royale Giant Skeleton: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton is on of the Epic unit in the game, He is named so as Giant because he has structure like large skeleton and we can say he is much bigger than normal giants, Clash Royale Giant Skeleton also carries a huge bomb in his hands, The bigger the skeleton the bigger is their bomb. Leveling up the Clash Royale Giant Skeleton will make him much stronger.

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton is much known for his death damage, He does some little amount of damage comparing to his troop cost, But when he dies he just triggers his bomb timer on and the troops surrounding the bomb will eventually died, Faster troops may escape from his bomb but slower units such as P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Witch and many others cannot escape.

Clash Royale Skeleton Giant Random Info

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

“The bigger the skeleton, the bigger the bomb. Carries a bomb that blows up when the Giant Skeleton dies.”

  • The Clash Royale Giant Skeleton is unlocked in the Bone Pit( Arena 2)
  • He can also be called as Skeleton King because he is bigger in size, And does a destructive damage than other skeleton varities.
  • Clash Royale Giant Skeleton wears a ushanka ( a Russian Fur Cap) on its head.
  • The Bomb exploding time after the death of Clash Royale Giant Skeleton has been increased to 4 seconds after the march update.

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Strategy

  • Similar to the Giant, Giant Skeleton can also be used as a meat shield, And can absorb damage from whatever troops in his way, So guys do one things, Make sure find the area where the enemy has spent most of the Elixir in the form of troops, Drop a skeleton there, He will try to attack as many troops as possible, After his death, Only very fast troops can escape and rest of the slow troops are brought to death, Since his death damage is very high almost 720. High HP units such as giants can escape after the tragedy.
  • Clash Royale Giant Skeleton can also be used as a offensive move, He does very good damage to the crown towers almost half of the towers damage goes out, The thing you need to do is escort him till the crown towers, Rest leave it to him and he will take care.
  • Clash Royale Giant Skeleton can be distracted easily by the small spammy units such as small Skeletons, Goblins and their products. If the player wants to save his Elixir he will do this and Make sure you have a bomber behind Clash Royale Giant Skeleton, He will clear the spammy troops.
  • Clash Royale Giant Skeleton along with the Hog Rider is always a deadly combo, Hog Rider focus only on buildings, If a opponent tries to block Giant Skeleton, The hog will move fast and deal damage.

Clash Royale Skeleton Giant Statistics

Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats deploy time
1.5 secMedium1 secMeleeGround4x1EPICTroop


LevelHitpointsDamageDamage Per Second Death Damage


Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Videos & Conclusion

So, Guys that’s all about Clash Royale Giant Skeleton, He is very much worth for 6 Elixir. What you need to do is escort him properly and make use of his purpose completely. If you liked the article, Share it with your friend and do you know more about him? comment it below.


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