Clash Royale Dark Prince: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Dark Prince is a wonderful unit, He was considered to be the brother of the normal prince. Because they all are Prince Family, If you want to know more about Prince you can check this article. Prince is called as Golden Boy of the game, Similarly We may name the Clash Royale Dark Prince as Dark Boy of the game.

Clash Royale Dark Prince: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

He also deals splash damage dealing area damage. He is mounted on the horse and wearing a shield. He has two health bar when someone finish his first health bar, He will drop his shield and attack with his sword and his second health bar will turn active.

Clash Royale Dark Prince Random Info

Clash Royale Dark Prince: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

“Dealing area damage with each swing and double after charging, the Dark Prince is a formidable fighter. To harm his squishy core, break his shield first.”

  • Clash Royale Dark Prince was added to the game on 29/2/16 march update.
  • Cost of the Clash Royale Dark Prince is 4 Elixir which is equal to a fireball. He is powerful, He is unlocked in arena 7
  • Clash Royale Dark Prince wears a grey helmet, And mounted over a horse, He also wears a shield in his hands.
  • Clash Royale Dark Prince was added in the latest march update. And he is considered as the brother of the normal Prince.
  • Similar to Prince, He can also charge fast and he does 2x splash damage.  He can regain his charge attack after some time with some distance.
  • Clash Royale Dark Prince deals area damage, That means you can say good bye to the spammy units such as mass skeletons, Goblins army.


Clash Royale Dark Prince Strategy

  • Clash Royale Dark Prince when combined with brother Prince, Makes a deadly combination. The reason behind is both can do a charged attack. Prince targets a single unit with a great amount of damage and his brother Dark Prince can clear the spammy units such as Skeletons, Goblins.
  • And another good thing, When the Dark Prince holds a shield his hitpoints will be around 200 and when he is subjected to a lightning spell, Assume that lightning spell does a 650 damage, Dark Prince absorbs 200 damage drops his shield and remaining 450 damage is wasted.
  • Dark Prince is also effective against countering the normal prince attack, Since he has two health bar. If prince can kill one health bar, He will be alive with another health bar.

Clash Royale Dark Prince Statistics

Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats deploy time
1.5 secMedium1 secMeleeGround4x1EPICTroop


LevelHitpointsShield HitpointsArea DamageDamage With abilityDamage per second

Clash Royale Dark Prince In Action

Hey guys, Check out this video so that you can get more knowledge about the Dark Prince!


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