Top 3 Clash Royale Battle Strategy You Need to Win

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Who doesn’t like winning a battle at Clash Royale. Don’t you love getting those Crown Chests? They give more than Golden Chests too! I simply love them. But you need to win every battle to get those chests, so how? Well, you need these top 3 Clash Royale battle strategy to win every time.

When I started playing Clash Royale, what do I say? I lost every battle! I’m saying that honestly: every battle. I was trying to find out some ways of winning, I just can’t lose all the battles. Then I’m going be at “Zero Trophies” forever.

I’ve found “3 Clash Royale Battle Strategy” which changed my playing style: win after win. I’m going to reveal my secrets to winning the battles even when higher level players. I’m in level 4 right now, Dinesh bro is more active than I’m. I defeated a level 5 player easily using this tactic.

Clash Royale Battle Strategy: What 3 Tactics?

Here, I’m giving you my secret weapon to win each battle like a pro.

I can’t surely guarantee that this will work for you, because everyone has their own playing style and strategy or tactics, whatever you call them. So, keep reading! 😉

Clash Royale Battle Strategy & Tactics

1. Store Elixir:

Well, the first thing you need to do is wait and store elixir. Don’t use them up the moment you start.

This strategy works very well in saving elixir in case your enemy puts off his powerful troop, you have a higher chance of killing that your enemy then lead your troops to the enemy base.

Save more elixir and then, release your beasts!

Here I’m giving a pair to troops to release first (differs which cards you get):

  • Mini Pekka & Baby Dragon (Total Cost: 9 Elixir)
  • Mini Pekka & Knight (Total Cost: 7 Elixir)
  • Giant & Witch (Total Cost: 10 Elixir)
  • Giant & Pekka (Total Cost: 9 Elixir)
  • Knight & Baby Dragon (Total Cost: 7 Elixir)
  • Witch & Mini Pekka (Total Cost: 9 Eilixir)

I always use these combinations of troops to stop my enemies first and then to get into the enemy’s land. So save your Elixir to stop your enemy first.

2. Waste Time

This might sound weird but that’s a great strategy which I realized after playing it for 2 weeks! Believe me, it’s a trick which you must do to win.

Let your enemy enjoy his turns. Let him release this troops. Wait till his troops reach your base. I said above: Save Elixir! We’re going to use that Elixir to banish his armies. Now, release your most powerful pairs of troops I suggested above, and get his armies killed.

It will take a maximum of 5 seconds to finish his armies. Now your released armies will go and do little damage to the “Arena Towers“. Just make them weak, like drop-by-drop. Waste time till you get 2x Elixir. You’ll now release all your troops without waiting. But of course, the most powerful ones. Send up to 4 troops together to finish the Arena towers quickly as it’s already weak.

There you go, you have your first crown. Now he is busy defending. See the next step of this “Clash Royale Battle Strategy“.

Rushing Time

Time to rush now. Not level rush as in Clash of Clans, but rushing with your troops.

As I said in the last tactic: Waste time, that you’ve to waste time till you get 60 seconds left so you get 2x Elixir production speed. Now release all your powerful troops and let them cut down the enemy’s troops and then, they’ll gradually get to the King’s Tower, once you’ve go 2 or 3 troops including a Pekka trying to demolish the King’s Tower, release more backups like Witch, Knight or a Baby Dragon to boost the damage.

Once you’ve released 4 or 5 troops trying to break the King’s Tower, you’re sure. You’re going to win bro!


Well, now you have got my “Top 3 Clash Royale Battle Strategy” I use to win almost every battle against other players. This tactic doesn’t only work for beginners but also pro players. Try this Clash Royale Battle Strategy, you’ll soon start to win.

Share if you liked the “Clash Royale Battle Strategy” and comment below to let me know if this could be improved or if you have a better strategy. Send them to me, I’m publish them with your credits. Good luck & Enter the Arena with your mind filled with these Clash Royale battle strategy and tips.

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