Clash Royale Baby Dragon: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Do you like Clash Royale Baby Dragon?? I bet you will definitely like it and if you don’t like it you may be fan of Minions or Minion Horde, Clash Royale Baby Dragon is much better than those cards. Baby Dragon is one of the normal dragon varieties and it fires fireball. The fireball has area splash damage. That means Baby Dragon is deadly villain against the hordes, Groupy units.

Clash Royale Baby Dragon: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Baby Dragon is very effective troop, If you are opponent is a land troops user. Make sure you apply your brain in different situations. Baby Dragon also has a very good hit points.

Clash Royale Baby Dragon Random Info

Clash Royale Baby Dragon: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

“Flying troop that deals area damage. Baby dragons hatch cute, hungry, and ready for a barbeque.”

  • Clash Royale Baby Dragon is unlocked at the Training Camp (Tutorial)
  • Clash Royale Baby Dragon looks green in colour and it has been believed that this troop resembles to the Dragon in Clash Of Clans, Since its newly hatched one, It is called Baby Dragon.
  • The Baby Dragon is smaller and weaker when comparing to the Dragon in Clash Of Clans. In Clash Of Clans Dragon is very powerful and costliest unit.
  • Baby Dragon looks very cute and it is very useful in doing offensive and defensive strats.
  • Baby Dragon is an Epic card and it is not unlocked for everybody, Some people unlock Prince or Baby Dragon or sometimes both. I myself bought this card from shop.

Clash Royale Baby Dragon Strategy

  • Clash Royale Baby Dragon is cheap and powerful unit. It could be mixed with powerful epic cards like Prince, Witch making a powerful combination. Prince along with Baby Dragon is a very powerful combination. Prince focuses on a single target, Baby Dragon clears all the spam units, Clash Royale Baby Dragon is very slow when comparing to Prince, So it should be dropped at front and Prince at backside, In a manner that their timing will match one another. Similarly it can protect your Giant, Giant Skeletons from swarmy units with the help of Baby Dragon.
  • Clash Royale Baby Dragon very useful when tackling enemy troops near your crown towers, Ground units cannot damage Baby Dragon, Powerful units such as Musketeer, Enemy Baby Dragon can do a decent damage to Baby Dragon. So use Baby Dragon in defensive situations. If you opponent dropping a ground card like Barbarians, Wait for the troops to reach near your towers, Drop your Baby Dragon, It will finish the ground units and you can also save some Elixirs.
  • Best counter for Baby Dragon is using a Giant, Giant will move forward and if there is small units such as archers, Spear goblins are behind. These units will continuously damage Baby Dragon, While the Baby Dragon is busy with dealing the Giant.
  • An opposing Baby Dragon with some defensive troops can finish your Baby Dragon easily.

Clash Royale Baby Dragon Stats

Hit Speed
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Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
1.8 secFast1 sec35Air &Ground4x1TroopEpic
Icons stats hp
Area Damage
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Damage per second
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Clash Royale Baby Dragon is a powerful unit, A persons deck should consists of troops which could handle multiple situations, Because no one will know what situation will come in the match. Clash Royale Baby Dragon is very useful in multiple situations like countering enemy Balloon, Swarm units. Do you know more about Clash Royale Baby Dragon? please share it in comment section and help others to know more. Share this article with your friends.


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