Top 10 Changes after the Pokemon GO Update (1st August 2016)

The last update for Pokemon GO was very disappointing. However, I expected something better for this Pokemon GO update of 1st August. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed with this update too. I’m sure you will be too if you read this post carefully. Some of the key features are missing. The step tracker for the nearby feature and the battery saver are nowhere to be found.

In this Pokemon GO update post, I’m going to explain the changes after the update. However, you can’t complain because there are some good changes too. When Pokemon GO first launched, you had a tiered footstep system which showed the proximity of a Pokemon nearby. 🙂

Let’s see what changes were made in this Pokemon GO update of 1st August.

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Pokemon GO Update 1st August – Changes

There are some minor changes too but these are the top 10 changes that this update brought about. I took a while to figure out the changes. When I first opened the updated game, I found some options missing such as the battery saver which I love to use. Then there were some changes with the icon.

However, I was first scared when I saw I was able to customize my character again. I thought my level had been reset. But it’s just a new feature to modify your character with the new outfits. However, some people who used their Google account to sign up had faced level reset issues. That means they have to start from the beginning. But remember, that happened with a handful number of people. I use Google account too but I faced no such issues. 🙂

#1 The Step Tracker Feature is Missing

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This is one of the most frustrating things people found about this update. People used this feature to know the proximity of a Pokemon. But now, you can have no idea how near a Pokemon is to you. I could catch a fair amount of Pokemon using the Nearby feature. But now, it’s kinda dead, it’s very tough to know which Pokemon is nearer to you. 🙁

There was a bug in the three footstep system. All the Pokemon’s showed three footsteps, no matter what. But instead of fixing the bug, Niantic removed the step tracker functionality altogether. The fanbase isn’t happy about this Pokemon GO update too. Maybe the changes are big, but we can find no improvement. Instead, it’s going worse.

#2 Battery Saver option is Gone

Rather than adding more features, Niantic is removing them. That’s freaking bad. The battery saver option helped players save battery usage by allowing to turn the screen off. But Pokemon GO would still run and when a Pokemon was near, it would give you a sound notification. Well, that feature is now gone. 🙁

You have to play lesser outside your house if you don’t have a portable battery changer. I don’t expect any awesome changes in the next update too. In this Pokemon GO update of August 2016, they fixed nothing but just kept spoilt the game. Niantic is still not realizing that they are losing their fanbase who are very passionate about the game.

#3 Scanning Radius Has Been Changed

The scanning radius of Pokemon GO has been changed in many ways. There is a bad news, plus a good news.

Bad news first. The scanning radius was 100 metres before, but now it has been reduced to 70 metres. This means you have to be closer to a Pokemon in order to see it on the map. Reducing the scanning radius made it difficult to catch Pokemon, as the step-tracker has been brought down too.

The good news. Once you see the Pokemon on the map, you can see it even if you have travelled another 300 metres. You will still be able to catch it by tapping on it. That’s the positive side of this factor from this Pokemon GO update of August 2016. 😀

#4 Health & Safety Warnings

Niantic started thinking of your safety more seriously. This is a good thing they have done in this ‘Pokemon GO update of 1st August 2016‘ as there were some accidents. Some people were injured while playing Pokemon GO as they were driving.

Well, the update shows notifications regarding safety when you start the game. There are a few messages like “Don’t Pokemon GO and drive“, “Remember to stay alerted“, and “Don’t go to dangerous places“. Remember, you have been warned. Follow these tips and stay safe. 🙂

#5 You can Customize your Trainer

Pokemon GO Update, Pokemon GO Update News, Pokemon GO update August, Pokemon GO Update August 2016, upcoming Pokemon GO update, Pokemon GO updates, Latest Pokemon GO Updates, Transfer Button Missing Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO footsteps missing. customize Pokemon GO TrainerWell, this thing made me happy. When I first started, I didn’t even customize my update as I was very excited. I had to regret but now I’m getting a chance to customize my trainer once again. That’s pretty cool.

There are some new outfits to match your team. It’s still limited to changing hair, skin and eye colour. However, the backpacks remain the same just like the shoes and cap. But still, you can wear something of your Pokemon GO team’s colour. 😉

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#6 Battling Has Been Tweaked

There have been some tweaks to the Pokémon battles, thanks to Niantic adjusting the “battle move damage values” for some Pokémon. I haven’t experienced how this will affect battle as yet, but I will try finding it out. Maybe it’s gonna change the battling plot completely, who knows? 🙂

#7 The Transfer Button Has Been Moved

Pokemon GO Update, Pokemon GO Update News, Pokemon GO update August, Pokemon GO Update August 2016, upcoming Pokemon GO update, Pokemon GO updates, Latest Pokemon GO Updates, Transfer Button Missing Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO footsteps missing, Transfer button moved Pokemon GOWhen I first launched the updated game, I freaked out. I thought the transferring ability has been removed which allowed unwanted Pokemon to be transferred to Professor Willow. Rather, it’s not removed, you can find it at the bottom of the Pokemon page to a new ‘burger‘ menu in the right corner.

Once you tap on that, you will see the transfer button. To be honest, I totally freaked out when I saw it’s missing from the Pokemon page itself. However, let’s thank Niantic for not killing this feature too. However, the option works just like it did before. 🙂



#8 Favouriting Got Another New Feature

Although you were able to favourite any Pokemon since Pokemon GO’s launch. This Pokemon GO update of August 2016, brought a new feature for this functionality.

If you favourite a Pokemon, it will protect it and will make sure you don’t transfer it to the Poke Professor by mistake. This feature is really appreciated as one of my friends had already lost one of his Pokemon, lol. If you have lost any of your Pokemon by mistake, you know the feeling better. 😀

#9 Introducing some Google Login Issues

Some users have claimed that the latest Pokemon GO update is resetting their accounts. This forced them to start from the beginning, from Level 1 again! That’s horrifying. However, there is a little fix you can attempt. Don’t panic, and try logging in again with your Google account, and pray so that your account gets back to normal.

I’m asking to pray for a reason. My friend who just started playing 4 days before the update came, had reached only level 3. He said after updating, he is now at level 1 all over again. However, this fix didn’t work out for him. But trying is a good thing. It might help you, who knows? 🙂

In the beginning of this post, I said I face no such issues related to this. So it’s not mandatory that you would face it too. Only a handful number of people complaint about this. But remember, if you face that issue, simply re-login and you should be fine.

#10 PokeVision and Other Trackers Are Dead

If you know PokeVision, it’s a website which helps you find any Pokemon. According to Niantic, it’s illegal and it’s a type of hack and spoiling the game. So websites similar to PokeVision are now taken down. However, the website is still running, but tracking of Pokemon has been disabled.

Pokemon GO basically disabled tracking of Pokemon. But I’m still not sure if this is permanent as people tend to find new methods of doing something every day. However, PokeVision will keep you updated. This was an easier way to find the Pokemon but it’s illegal and PokeVision replied with respect too. 🙂

In reply to the update, PokeVision tweeted out:


These are the top 10 changes after the Pokemon GO update of 1st August 2016. However, the update was quite disappointing like the previous one. However, some of the new features are applicable. But the worst part – removable of the three footstep system. Developer Niantic could have fixed the issue but rather completely removed it.

We expect game developers to add new features, but here Niantic is deleting the features from their game. Cool enough. But I have lost faith in Niantic, the next update might be even worse, who knows? 🙁

If you liked this blog post on Pokemon GO, make sure to share it on Facebook or anywhere you like. Comment to let us know what you think of this Pokemon GO update of August 2016. I’m totally disappointed with the latest Pokemon GO update. Let’s see your opinions too. 😉

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