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Clash Royale Giant: Wiki & Strategy or Guide

I don’t think Clash Royale Giant is only a powerful attacking troop, but it helps slow down your enemies. The Giant has high (HP) Hitpoints which keeps it alive till your troops go and kill the enemy troops down. I would say it’s like a savior, kind of like the Valkyrie. But unlike the Valkyrie, it […]

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Clash Royale Dark Prince: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Dark Prince is a wonderful unit, He was considered to be the brother of the normal prince. Because they all are Prince Family, If you want to know more about Prince you can check this article. Prince is called as Golden Boy of the game, Similarly We may name the Clash Royale Dark […]

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Clash Royale Witch: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Witch is one of the defensive units in the game, She is also powerful because of her area splash beam from her stick, She also spawn mini skeletons, Which would distract heavy units such as P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince. I mean all the single target damaging units. And she is weak against troops […]

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Clash Royale Prince: Wiki & Strategy,Guide

Clash Royale Prince, If you started playing Clash Royale, You would definitely like the Golden Boy Clash Royale Prince, He is very active and energetic. He is a most important person in your deck and still if you didn’t unlock him then it is your bad luck and I have a solution to overcome it. […]

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Clash Royale’s Valkyrie: Wiki & Strategy or Guide

I don’t know about any other player, but I love Clash Royale’s Valkyrie. I would say, it’s like the Healer from Clash of Clans, although, you’ll find almost no relation between them. But I can show you a relationship between both. Like in Clash of Clans, the Healer heals troops and protects them. Similarly, Valkyrie […]

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