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Ice Wizard: Clash Royale Troop Guide, Strategy & Wiki

Have you unlocked the legendary new troop: Ice Wizard yet? Well, it’s about some hours I just unlocked this awesome troop. I’m saying “awesome” and it stands for a reason. He isn’t the strongest or very strong at damaging, but it does help in a great extend. He is great at slowing down the enemies. You can say, his […]

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Clash Royale Knight: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Knight looks like a brave man holding a long sharp edged knife, He has a beautiful mustache. Clash Royale Knight is one type of melee unit. He costs only 3 Elixir and has comparably, He has high amount of hit points and a decent amount of damage. He along with a musketeer or a […]

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Clash Royale Hog Riders |Clash Royale Guides|

Clash Royale Hog Riders are very good offensive units in the game, they are capable of giving lots and lots of damage to the buildings. Their main ability is they target only the buildings. And as in Clash Of Clans where they are capable of jumping the walls. Clash Royale Hog Riders are capable of crossing […]

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Clash Royale Wizard: Strategy & Guide

Do you like Clash Royale Wizard?  I like the Wizard for its powerful fireball attacking which kills a swarm of enemies in a go, especially ones with less HP like the Barbarian, Spear Goblins, etc. He is a killer and of course, a magian who sprinkles fire! I’ve unlocked my Clash Royale Wizard just about a […]

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Clash Royale Bomber: Wiki & Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Bomber, He is one of the skeleton varieties and he is very stylish wearing a fancy sunglass and he holds a bomb, Which makes multiple units into fear. This guy has an area splash damage, That is his bomb will damage all the units surrounding the bomb radius. He is a very good […]

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