5 Killer Tips To Build a Powerful Clash Royale Deck

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Hola! Royalers, we hope you guys are enjoying Clash Royale official release for Android globally. Many people having problem while building Clash Royale Deck. If you still having problem in download Clash Royale, check out this: Here. In this article after a wide research I’m going to give you “5 Killer Tips To Build A Powerful Clash Royale DeckI accept Clash Royale is a tough game nowadays as many people are becoming pro in it and it is time for you to become the same. These tips may not work on the first time itself but if you keep on practising these combinations you would definitely excel in the battle.

After the Sneak Peak update which was released on February end. Many things have been changed in the game. You could now use three decks. The composition of the deck should be very neat. And it should consist all kind of units and categories present in the game.

Classification Of  Clash Royale Decks

The decks in Clash Royale are classified as follows generally:

  • Balanced Deck
  • Spam Deck
  • Spell Rich Deck

These are the classifications of Clash Royale Deck. A balanced deck has combinations of tanking troops, Area damaging troops and one or two spell. Second type Spam deck is involves construction of buildings which produces spammers regularly and especially cheap units. Spell Rich deck involves usage of spells mostly 4-5 spells in a deck which could play a aggresive or a defensive role.

5 Killer Tips To Build A Good Clash Royale Deck

  • Make sure you have unlocked all the important Clash Royale cards, If you are not able to unlock the important cards, Try to design a deck which suits you good in the battle, Experiment different things in the battle. I would suggest you to go for a well balanced deck than other types of Clash Royale Deck.
  • Keep an eye over the average Elixir cost, The person who uses elixir effectively can always own the game.
  • If you are planning to have a well balanced deck, Then your deck should consist of two or more units such as Golden boy Prince or Knight or Giant and some splash damaging units. I suggest you to have a ranged splash damaging units such wizards, Baby dragon or Melee splash damaging such as valkyrie to deal with enemy spammers. And some cost effective spells such as the arrows and fire ball.
  • To win a friendly match, Keep an eye over your friend. Play a first match, Analyse him, Watch his deck and make a counter deck against him. For example if your friend is very good spammer then increase the number the area splash damaging units such as Bombers and Valkyrie.
  • You also need some low cost units such as 1 Elixir skeleton, 2 elixir spear goblin in order to make the enemies Prince trample damage waste.

Tips By Gan About Clash Royale Deck

That’s all about today’s topic: “5 Killer Tips To Build A Powerful Clash Royale Deck”. We hope you have enjoyed the article and also got some knowledge. Do share this article with your friends, so that they can also also build a powerful deck and battle with you more consistantly.


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