Adsense Approval Tips: How to Get Approved in Just 2 Days?

Do you want to monetize your blog with Google Adsense? Well, if you’re a newbie to Google Adsense, you need these Adsense approval tips that I followed when applying for my Adsense account and how I got approved within just 4 days.

I have worked with a guy for quite some days who is an expert at Adsense and also link building. He aims certain keywords which will give him quality traffic from Google, basically, he is an expert at micro-niche blogging. He makes over $500 every day just from his micro-niche blogs. I worked and still work for him as a writer of his micro-niche blog which is about a mobile game. The blog took only a few months, not more than 4  months to rank on top results on Google.

As he is an Adsense expert, I got to know some special tips on Adsense approval which enabled him to get approved for more than 10 micro-blogs. I’m going to share with you these approval tips that I personally got from him and that’s the secret for getting approved every single time on Google Adsense.

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Adsense Approval Tips You Must Follow

Here is a small checklist, not very detailed, though. But this will help you understand what I’m going to tell you further and so that you can have a clear understanding of the topic. Here you go, here is the checklist from Adsense Guidelines.

  • Have a Top Level Domain(TLD).
  • No prohibited content.
  • Good and easy navigation for website/blog.
  • Having your site indexed on Google.
  • Fresh and no duplicate content.
  • Minimum 10 to 15 blog posts.
  • No redirection of website/blog.

Here is a small list that he suggested that you should check and do in order to get 99% chance of getting your Adsense approval fast within some days. I can say that this checklist is very important and you must follow. I have a reason to accept his tips because I have worked for 3 of his projects, and maybe by luck, none of the micro-blogs got rejected for Google Adsense.

You need to know more if you are a newbie at blogging and Adsense. For a better and clear grip about Adsense approval, you need to know the basics of it and some of the most common tips too which is compulsory, you can’t forget them.

Produce Quality Content that Google likes

Writing quality content is as important as creating SEO friendly blog posts. You should try your best to keep your content nice and it shouldn’t lose its quality. You need to impress Google and show your content deserves something special. Google always gives more important to content, know why? Because “Content is King“. I know you have heard this same proverb everywhere where you find topics on writing high-quality content.

Along with its quality, you need to keep in mind, some of the necessary things when writing a blog post. You must create a post with at least 500 words, I would prefer 500+ words because the more content you have, the higher the chances of getting your Adsense approval. You should also never copy-paste content like those Black-Hat SEO webmasters. If you don’t work for yourself and use other’s writing on your blog, why should Google approve you?So, Google loves unique and high-quality content.

Make your Blog SEO Friendly

If you read above, I already said, it’s necessary to have an SEO friendly blog and you should have it indexed in Google itself. To optimize your blog posts and make it more search engine friendly. It’s not that you need huge traffic to get approved. It’s all about quality and friendliness of the site and how much Google bot likes it. Anyway, Google Adsense approvals are done by humans working for Google who is no bot approving you.

They take enough time to check every publisher applications carefully if the applicants are eligible to get the approval. So, you must maintain your blog’s search engine friendliness. They also check many other factors which you will get to know, so keep reading.

 Have Enough Content on your website/blog

I already said above that you must have at least 10 to 15 blog posts on your blog before you should apply for Adsense approval application. Many people believe that you need 15-30 blog posts which they believe is compulsory, but I don’t think that’s the case. The main thing they see is quality not always quantity. A high-quality blog post must contain at least 500 words minimum, but I prefer writing about 600-800 if you want to get approved on a new blog having only 10-15 blog posts published.

You will remember, I told you about the secret that guy used for getting his Adsense accounts approved each time he applied. The micro-blog on which I worked for him had only 9 posts published, each had about 600 words. But it was a quick approval in just 2 days! I almost got it sure that the application would get rejected, but it’s not true. So, I told you, quality not quantity is important. But you also must maintain the amount of content you have.

Use Root Domain & TLD

This is a quick tip which is really effective. You have almost no chance of getting Adsense approval if you use a subdomain. Anyway, you can’t apply for subdomains but there are specific platforms supported by Google Adsense where you can apply using a free subdomain. But that’s not recommended.

Using a TLD is also recommended because after a quick recent research, I can tell that you have a towering chance of getting your application reviewed and also approved. So, don’t just use free domains or subdomains to apply for Google Adsense. It’s because you will then have a bargain chance of getting approved.

Choose Images Wisely

Here is another tip that plays a vital part when reviewers review your blog. Using images downloaded from the Internet and using them without copyright permissions can lead you to a chance of getting disapproved. That’s a common mistake done by every beginner bloggers and also sometimes by long-time experienced bloggers. If you take a look at my blog post’s images, you will find, I’m not copying any image but no doubt, I’m using ideas I find to create my unique images for individual posts.

Here, I don’t need anyone’s permission to use these images because it’s my own product. So, take the help and ideas from others and try building your own images if possible. But no problem if you are too lazy sometimes like me to create your own images, you can get free images from popular sites which are provided for free by the owners themselves. Now, you have the copyright permission to use the images wherever you want.

Clear Blog Navigation & Structure

How do you feel when you land up on a site/blog too hazy? Do you feel annoyed at the first look? This same thing will happen to the reviewer if your blog is also one of those types. Annoying the reviewer at the first visit will never get to bring sweet results. So, clear and comprehensive navigation and a good blog structure are required.

Think about the font and the background of your blog. Will people or would you personally like the background or font you’re using. So, give your best at designing. Your blog must have a good navigation and structure. I also prefer a good font, rather simple.

Don’t Have Content which Adsense will hate

If you have read the Adsense guidelines by Google, you will know why I have given this heading. Don’t have content which Adsense will hate, really don’t do that. Adsense doesn’t support a type of blog providing hacking resources, cracks, violent content, adult content or other illegal content.

This is what Google clearly says on their guidelines which you must follow before applying for Adsense. If you don’t follow their guide, why should they approve you? So, grip the importance of looking and reading the guidelines too.


I believe I have given you at least 1 tip that would really help you. Anyway, if you don’t know that you don’t need good traffic to get approved. In fact, I got approved when I was getting only 50-80 visitors a day. That’s very less indeed but Google loves content and freshness of your blog.

If you find this guide helpful, share with your other blogger-friends who are too seeking some guide or secrets for getting Adsense approval quick in no time. If you think, I could improve something or anything I have missed out, don’t sit back, your one comment can help newbies. Nothing that you have to comment only if you know something, if you have any questions regarding Adsense, leave them below in the comments.

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