7 Hobbies That Can Make You Money Quickly!

Hobbies that Make Money, Turn Hobbies into Money, Earn Money through Hobbies, Turn Hobby into cashWho doesn’t want to make money quickly? Yeah, everybody wants, including me. Did you know that you might have hobbies that make money? Well if not, it’s now when you’ve to discover your skills and hobbies. Everybody has a hobby and you can turn this hobby into money online very quickly and easily.

There are many different ways of using your hobby to gain a profit, but you can build up a huge income online by doing the job you are passionate about. Like, I’m very much interested in blogging and this makes me at least some money each month. Similarly, there are different ways of generating money with different hobbies. But here, I’ve listed the “7 Hobbies that Make Money Quickly”.

Can You Turn your Hobbies into Money?

Yeah, of course, that’s possible. About 6 months before, while browsing my documents folder on my PC. I found some photos of nature and different landscapes which I’ve clicked when I visited different places. The same day, I posted those photos on an online marketplace where we can sell photos for free. This made me almost 89$ but sadly I don’t have the screenshot and after withdrawing my money, I didn’t show that much eagerness in photography. So, I deleted my account.

Then I started this blog as a passion and with a dream to make it successful. Many of us like writing on different topics. This writing hobby can make you huge money like other hobbies that make money. Blogging is not the only way to make money fast, but including artists, logo designers, and even gamers are making money online. Surprised? But it’s true that there are games that make money for you!

Hobbies that Make Money For You

List of hobbies that can make you rich! Use your hobbies to fulfill your wishes. I’m blogging to make money and buying new computer stuff which I’m very much fond of. Become a hobbyist and turn hobbies into money!

#1 Blogging

Blogging is not only about writing things you love. It’s the way to online success. You’ve to have some pain for some time, and you get a lifetime to gain. That’s true, working on your blog and establishing it takes around 4-6 months or sometimes more. But there is no way to boost your blog so quickly. You’ve had to work patiently and remember if you’re blogging, it’s your hobby right now. Keep writing, you’ll get back revenues multiplied several times.

There’re several ways to make money blogging. If you’re willing to make money by writing and blogging, you need to invest some money at least for the domain. If you’re setting up a free blog, you can’t make money with it. It’s possible but really very tough.

#2 Writing

This is kind of related to blogging, but not exactly blogging. It’s writing for others or doing freelancing jobs. Some of the ghostwriters (writers writing for others) are making more than $100 per hour. Don’t believe? That’s true! Some of the most popular freelancing writers are making perhaps $200 per hour! Just imagine, at least $100/hour and working for 3 hours. You’re making $300 in a day! It’s freaking huge, that’s 4 times per income per day!

#3 Logo Designing

Some people love making designs. I’m not a very big fan of art and drawing. You can use your hands’ skill to make money. Magic hands, right? I don’t have magic hands, so I can’t make money using my hands. But you can design professional logos with your pen and paper. Design and put your imaginations into your paper with your pen and sell those designs in online marketplaces.

Photoshop skills can also make huge money for designing logos for companies. For that, you’ve to apply for Freelancing jobs posted by companies or individuals. If your application was accepted, that means you got hired by someone. Do their job- make logos and make money.

#4 Drawing

I already said I’m not a fan of drawing at least. To be honest, I still hate my drawing classes at school which continue for 80 minutes! Killer stuff. But don’t worry if you love drawing, I don’t hate you people! You’re my family! Now, if you’re a hobbyist of drawing, there’re great opportunities for you to make money effectively.

Some people who draw are making insane money drawing for others or selling their drawings online, maybe on eBay. I don’t know about other marketplaces but eBay is selling a lot of painting and drawings. A fan of drawing? Start drawing your imagination, and start making money!

#5 Making YouTube Videos

Know some popular YouTubers? They’re getting richer gradually through YouTube, just by posting videos. If you’re a hobbyist of making videos on any topic. Funny videos, tutorials, tips, cartoons and so many other types. You can make money creating and posting videos on YouTube through ads. These ads are run by Google Adsense, for that you’ve to allow monetization in YouTube.

This runs ads on videos in different formats which you’ve to choose. For example, showing ads before your video starts, ads pop out below the video and there’re are a few other types of ads which you can choose for your videos. This can make you insane money for free. And this is how some of the most popular YouTubers are making millions per month!

It’s not only through Adsense, but you can promote your affiliate products in the description and encourage people to buy that useful product. This generates a lot of affiliate sales- flooding your affiliate account with money!

#6 Gaming

Gaming rocks. Even I’m a great fan of new and incoming games. If you didn’t know that you can make money gaming, get to know it now! I already said about YouTube, posting your gameplay videos can generate some easy income for you. It can be any type of games, some people use their Android or IOS phones to make money. By playing popular games like Clash of Clans. An addictive game, right?

#7 Photography

Photography. Who clicks the beautiful wallpapers we use on our computer? They are photographers. Photographers make money in different ways- working for clients, clicking pictures for magazines or selling images on Shutterstock and Fotolia. I already said, I too made a few bucks using some sunset photos which I’ve clicked. They make huge money!


Here, I’ve listed down 7 hobbies that make money effectively. This means you’ll be earning more. There’re are other hobbies too that can make money offline not online. But if you’re eager to start an online business using your hobbies. Be a hobbyist, be a better business person. In personal, I love blogging the most and that’s making me my living. Start building hobbies that make money!

Become a Hobbyist, Grow your business!

Don’t forget to let your opinions out and speak your mind through the comment box right below. Leave behind your opinions or questions or suggestions about “Hobbies that make money“. Know some other hobbies that make money quicker? Why not comment? So, comment and share if you liked it!

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